pea meteor seeds
Pea Meteor Seeds

Once my pea ‘meteor’ crop was over, I left the last of the pods on the plant to dry out.

As you can see, the pods have completely dried out, so before the rain came today, I collected a good number of them and tucked them away in a brown bag, ready for next year.

sweet pea flowers
Sweet Pea Flowers

These are some sweet peas that were sown in pots in the greenhouse in early spring. The tops were pinched out when they were about 7 inches tall. I then potted them on individually, before transplanting into a large terracotta pot, placed outside in late spring.

The seeds are ones I collected in January 2011, so these ones were free!

flowering sweet pea
Flowering Sweet Peas

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flowering vista white pelargoniumgeranium
Pelargonium Vista White

The pelargonium that we planted in early spring are finally flowering. It was a slow start, but well worth the wait.

The plants are a deep green and strong healthy looking plants. The flower heads are huge and packed tight with these beautiful white flowers.

vista white pelargonium
Vista White Pelargonium

garlic rust
Garlic Rust

Having watched Gardner’s World last night and seen Monty’s garlic rust, I thought I would go and check my garlic this morning. This is what I found.

Again, like Monty’s, my Elephant Garlic appeared fine, but just about every one of my Iberian Wight, looked like the picture above.

So I have pulled them all up. I am pleased with the size of the bulb, so the garlic rust has come late enough to have allowed the bulbs to swell sufficiently.

iberian wight garlic
Iberian Wight Garlic

I’ll leave these out in the sun to dry off for a while, before hanging them up.

potato flowers
Potato Flowers

It may only be a humble charlotte potato flower, but it’s impressive yellow stamen and mauve petals make for a pretty display in the potato beds.

As far I know, potato flowers do no harm and can be left where they are, for you to enjoy whilst you await the development of the tasty tubers below.

Growing Carrots in Pots
Carrot Eskimo F1 Hybrid

I have never tried growing carrots in pots before, but last year a number of my carrots struggled in my veg beds for a variety of reasons, so this year I decided to give it a go.

These Carrot Eskimo appear to be coming along nicely in these large terracotta pots and certainly look nice growing in the sun.

I plan to thin them gradually over time by using small ones up early, therefore leaving room for some to grow larger.

Allium Aflatunense
Allium – Aflatunense

The Allium bulbs we planted in September 2011 are doing extremely well.

These Allium Aflatunense are now about 5 foot tall, in full bloom and enjoying both the full and dappled sun.

Allium Aflatunense 2
Allium – Aflatunense

bluebell wood
Bluebell Wood

The bluebell woods looked at their absolute best today.

The colours were wonderful, especially where the sunlight managed to find its way between the leaves of the bursting trees.

The fragrance as you brush past was unbelievable.

discovery apple blossom
Apple Blossom on Apple Discovery Espalier

The apple blossom is out in full today on the Apple Discovery Espalier. It’s difficult to catch a good shot of the blossom between the cloud and showers today, however, I’m looking forward to seeing some swelling buds and hopefully this year I can get to the apples before the fox does.

climbing bean fasold
Climbing Bean Fasold – Phaseolus vulgaris

These climbing bean ‘Fasold’ were sown just 4 days ago in the greenhouse.

It won’t be long before the bean canes are up and they are growing away along with some broad beans, runner beans and borlotti beans.

cucamelon seeds
Cucamelon (Melothria scabra)

Growing Cucamelon from seed. This is a first for me.

I have planted one seed per pot around half an inch deep and put them in the propagator at 20°C.

The Cucamelon fruit is the size of a grape, looks like a melon and tastes like cucumber with a hint of lime.

Fingers crossed…

Cucamelon Update 9 May 2013

cucamelon seedling
Cucamelon Seedling

It’s now been over 6 weeks since sowing the Cucamelon seed. They certainly did take a long time to germinate. It must have been a good 3 to 4 weeks before a tiny green shoot appeared, however, they are now making steady progress.

I have kept them in the propagator in the greenhouse all this time. Still set on 20°C, but leaving the lid off during the day.

Considering most of the cucumber varieties that were sown at the same time, are now 9″ tall, Cucamelons are definitely slow starters.

Cucamelon Update 23 June May 2013

cucamelon fruit
Cucamelon Fruit

I potted on the cucamelon into a large terracotta pot about 3 weeks ago. It’s now sat in the corner of my greenhouse and the vine is now about 6 foot tall and seems healthy.

We have about half a dozen flowers and as you can see from the photo above, small fruits are starting to form.

I am watering as I do my tomato plants that are growing alongside it and feed every other day with tomato feed.

Cucamelon Update 20 July 2013

swelling cucamelon
Swelling Cucamelon

The small cucamelons have just started to swell. They have doubled their size in the last week.

I’m hoping one or two may be ready to try next week.

swelling cucamelon 2
Swelling Cucamelon

Cucamelon Update 24 July 2013

cucamelon crop
Cucamelon Crop

Today I picked my first Cucamelon crop. It may only be a small crop, but there are plenty more on the vine, swelling nicely.

cut cucamelon
Cut Cucamelon

The taste is really fantastic. You first get a little hit of citrus, then followed up by a wonderful cucumber flavour.

I can imagine they would be lovely in a gin and tonic!

Cucamelon Update 19 August 2013


The crop just keep on coming. There seems to be no end to the amount of fruit we can pick from our cucamelon vine. As soon as we pick a handful, it seems to be replenished overnight.

You can buy cucamelon seeds in the UK from Sutton Seeds

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