cucamelon seeds
Cucamelon (Melothria scabra)

Growing Cucamelon from seed. This is a first for me.

I have planted one seed per pot around half an inch deep and put them in the propagator at 20°C.

The Cucamelon fruit is the size of a grape, looks like a melon and tastes like cucumber with a hint of lime.

Fingers crossed…

Cucamelon Update 9 May 2013

cucamelon seedling
Cucamelon Seedling

It’s now been over 6 weeks since sowing the Cucamelon seed. They certainly did take a long time to germinate. It must have been a good 3 to 4 weeks before a tiny green shoot appeared, however, they are now making steady progress.

I have kept them in the propagator in the greenhouse all this time. Still set on 20°C, but leaving the lid off during the day.

Considering most of the cucumber varieties that were sown at the same time, are now 9″ tall, Cucamelons are definitely slow starters.

Cucamelon Update 23 June May 2013

cucamelon fruit
Cucamelon Fruit

I potted on the cucamelon into a large terracotta pot about 3 weeks ago. It’s now sat in the corner of my greenhouse and the vine is now about 6 foot tall and seems healthy.

We have about half a dozen flowers and as you can see from the photo above, small fruits are starting to form.

I am watering as I do my tomato plants that are growing alongside it and feed every other day with tomato feed.

Cucamelon Update 20 July 2013

swelling cucamelon
Swelling Cucamelon

The small cucamelons have just started to swell. They have doubled their size in the last week.

I’m hoping one or two may be ready to try next week.

swelling cucamelon 2
Swelling Cucamelon

Cucamelon Update 24 July 2013

cucamelon crop
Cucamelon Crop

Today I picked my first Cucamelon crop. It may only be a small crop, but there are plenty more on the vine, swelling nicely.

cut cucamelon
Cut Cucamelon

The taste is really fantastic. You first get a little hit of citrus, then followed up by a wonderful cucumber flavour.

I can imagine they would be lovely in a gin and tonic!

Cucamelon Update 19 August 2013


The crop just keep on coming. There seems to be no end to the amount of fruit we can pick from our cucamelon vine. As soon as we pick a handful, it seems to be replenished overnight.

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28 Responses to Growing Cucamelon

  1. Britta says:

    I just came across those Cucamelons on buzzfeed and am now trying to find out, whether I could grow them in containers on my balcony – this is how I came here ;-)

    Meanwhile I’ll keep an eye on your website to see how your plants will turn out :-)

    Greetings from sunny Germany!

    • Garden Posts says:

      Hi Britta. I say definitely give them a go. I’m sure they will work in a container. I have updated the post above. All the best.

  2. Giuseppe Monteleone says:

    I’d would like to grow some Cucamelon plants. Can anybody provide me with a few seeds? I’ll be grateful. I can exchange them with seeds of Southern Italian Melon-Cucumbers.

  3. Dave McDougle says:

    how are these coming along? I’ve had mine planted in pots on my windowsill for a week and there is only 1 very tiny shoot just starting to come through. Hoping they have a sudden growth spurt soon so i can get them in a grow bag!

    • Garden Posts says:

      Hi Dave. I have updated the post above. Slow but steady!

      • Dave McDougle says:

        about 6 weeks and they’re about 1cm tall, see what you mean about slow and steady! I don’t know if this is just my batch of seeds but i have a very low percentage of the seeds germinating!

        • Garden Posts says:

          I have just updated the post to include a picture of the small cucamelon fruits that are forming.

  4. Brittney says:

    Hi there! So I live in Las Vegas Nevada, and my cucamelons have taken OFF!!! they are growing out of control!! And I see a bunch of little flowers and buds starting to form, however after a few days the little cuca buds turn black and die. They have direct sunlight only in the morning when the temps are cooler(for Vegas this time a year) and during high heat they are shaded. I water twice a day, sometimes 3 times given the heat. Am I doing something wrong, or are there bugs or a fungus killing them?? I am so disappointed, I was looking forward to my little melons!! Please help!!!

    • Garden Posts says:

      Hi Brittney. It’s great to hear your Cucamelons have taken off, but sorry to hear you are not getting any fruit. To be honest, this is the first time I have tried to grow Cucamelon. Mine is only about 18 inch tall so far, but then I’m here in the UK and I’m guessing Vegas is a little warmer :-) Is there plenty of air circulating around the vine. Although unlikely, I wonder if you are over watering or if there is too much humidity?

      • Brittney says:

        No humidity what so ever!! Lol it’s a pretty dry heat.. And they are fully exposed out side.. Hmm hopefully they will grow :( Vegas might just be too warm.. (Today it was 112 degrees) good luck with your plants!!

        • Garden Posts says:

          Hi Brittney. I have just updated the post with a photo of the small cucamelon fruits that are forming. How are yours coming along?

  5. Steve A says:

    Hi. My cucas grew quickly and produced the flowers and fruit like in your photo. Are your fruits swelling at all. Mine seem to look the same after 10 to 14 days. Meanwhile the plants are branching out everywhere!

    • Garden Posts says:

      Hi Steve. Loads of flowers and fruits, but none swelling. All look like mini gherkin shape. Like you, the vine is going everywhere.

  6. Fox 5 says:

    I’m growing these in northern California at 3000 ft elevation outside in the open. I germinated them May 25 and today have the first flowers opening up . The vines are really taking off and like climbing the deer fence. A fun adventure and we are excited to taste them .

    • Garden Posts says:

      Whilst I’m only in, usually chilly, England, we have been basking in over 30 degrees for the last week or so and the cucamelon vine is now stretching out across the roof of the greenhouse.

  7. Fox 5 says:

    How long from the Buds until the fruit is ripe ? I’d like to use a green house here but we can have snow at times that would destroy it . I’m thinking of growing the Cucamellon in my aero garden along with tomatoes in the fall.

    • Garden Posts says:

      I don’t know yet as none of mine have swollen much, let alone ripened. My fruits started forming weeks ago, but are still quite thin. I have never tried an aero garden. Sounds like fun for the winter months.

  8. Steve A says:

    Some of my early little fruits have fallen off. I wondered if the flowers need to be pollinated?

    • Garden Posts says:

      I lost one or two early fruits too. My cucamelon are in a greenhouse which I leave the door open during the day. They are being pollunated fine, although I do benefit from a neighbour who has several bee hives.

  9. Steve A says:

    hope you obtain some honey!

  10. Michelle says:

    all my baby fruit is falling off. My plant is super healthy and has a lot of baby fruit but none of it has fully ripened. Very dissapointing. Thoughts? The weather has been stellar so that is not the issue.

    • Garden Posts says:

      Hi Michelle. I have heard reports of this happening to a few others. My first few fruits fell off, but only a few. I guess the things to check would be consistent watering, good ventilation, not too humid. Have you tried feeding with tomato feed?

  11. Steve A says:

    Looking good on your pics! Still waiting and watching here.

  12. chris says:

    I harvested my first ever cucamelon an hour ago! I have been watching these babies with such excitement that i couldnt wait any longer! The taste is true to form too, I think i would prefer them on their own as a snack really. Oh and i fed mine tomato feed

    • Garden Posts says:

      I am now picking about a dozen cucamelon a day. I’ve been getting all my friends and family to give they a try. Mixed reactions, from “just tastes of cucumber” to “Wow it’s really citrusy”, but overall, well received and liked.

  13. Jane says:

    I have just cropped mine and have about a kilo. I am not actually keen on the taste so looking to make a chutney or picallili out of them and will not grow them again. Prefer either a cucumber or a melon somehow.

  14. Filipa Machado says:

    I´m from Portugal, I am thinking in starting a crop of cucamelons, can you tell me the price per kilo in England? Here in Portugal we don´t have cucamelons! Thanks.

  15. Cathy says:

    After reading the comments above, I planted my seeds March 13 so that they might have a chance of being planted out late May. By March 18, 4/5 seeds had germinated. Now (Apr. 6) all 5 plants are at the 4-5 leaf stage.
    I may have to reseed later if they get too big.

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